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Our Services

Consultancy & Project Management Services

Whatever the current challenge, All4One consultants provide a fresh and open approach to help as little or as much as is required. Working in partnership with our customers, we confidently develop the best strategy, properly test the feasibility, ROI and operational requirements to achieve the required goals. All4One can undertake the entire management of projects or assist in the selection, briefing and contracting of the best provider.  Additionally, All4One audit existing projects.


Scope of Services

  • Clarify specific needs
  • Explore options – self managed and/or outsourced
  • Research & develop tailor made solutions.
  • Construct feasibility and ROI studies
  • Project Manage or draft supplier briefing document, source & select provider(s)
  • Audit progress of existing projects (internal and external)

Nurse Adviser Services

All4One consultants work with customers to help them evaluate their Nurse Adviser opportunities, understand their options re self managed or outsourced and develop innovative Nurse Adviser projects to resolve difficult marketing challenges for the right kind of products

Scope of Services

  • Market & competitor analysis
  • NA project design
  • Construct feasibility & ROI studies
  • Access to software providers if required (project dependent)
  • Project design
  • Project Management
  • Audit progress of existing projects (internal and external)
  • Recruitment & Initial Training – Nurse Advisers, NA Field Managers, Project Managers
  • Legal, ABPI, RCN, clinical, etc.

Training & Assessment Services

All4One write and develop training materials for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.  Additionally, we have acquired the rights to a variety of eLearning products and services that enable us to assist customers in developing existing materials to a web-based format.

Scope of Services

  • Development of pharmaceutical product training materials (training manuals, powerpoint presentations, web-based/eLearning material)
  • Transfer of existing training material to web-based/eLearning format
  • Development of campaign materials for marketing departments

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